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Oral Surgery 44312

Wisdom teeth removal in 44312

Oral surgery 44312

Oral surgery 44312

At Akron Area Oral, Maxillofacial & Facial Surgery Center, we offer the best in http://www.hippyfitmom.com/?pageid=264, wisdom tooth removal and facial surgery and reconstruction. Our office has been serving the Akron and surrounding areas for over 20 years, providing the best in dental implants, surgical treatment of oral injury and disease and defects in the oral and maxillofacial regions. Our dental implants are performed by our professional and experienced dental implant team who work on eliminating any discomfort that dental issues can cause.

Some of our oral surgery 44312 procedures involve removal of wisdom teeth. Many people start getting their wisdom teeth in during their teens into their early twenties. The problem with wisdom teeth is that sometimes the jaws cannot accommodate all of the wisdom teeth growing in and they become impacted, that is, underneath the gum, not protruding through the gum as they should. This can cause problems, pain, infection or crowding of remaining teeth. If the teeth are completely impacted, a cyst may form, which can be dangerous. If wisdom teeth need to be removed, we will perform x-rays to check the state of the teeth first and the positions before scheduling surgery. Sometimes emergency wisdom tooth surgery is required to handle any infection that may threaten the state of the patient’s health.

We also specialize in facial injuries and their treatment. Usually due to an accident or act of violence, facial injuries need treatment from a surgical specialist such as Dr. Santin. He is specially trained to repair any injury around the face, jaws or http://www.hippyfitmom.com/?pageid=264. These types of injuries should not be taken lightly and need immediate medical care. Facial injuries are complex and need professional treatment that can fix them completely before they affect anything like breathing, eating or speaking. If you think you may be suffering from a facial injury, call Dr. Santin today.

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Akron Oral Surgeon

Oral surgery in Akron

Akron oral surgeon

Akron oral surgeon

If you are looking for an office where you can receive the very highest level of oral surgery care, you will want to come to our office, Akron Area Oral, Maxillofacial & Facial Surgery Center. At our oral surgery practice, our Akron oral surgeon will be able to provide you with expert care in all different areas of oral surgery.

Our top-notch oral surgeon is Dr. John Santin. He has been providing exceptional oral surgery care for our patients for many years. Whether you need a bone graft because you want to get dental implants, or you need to have a biopsy performed on a suspicious area in your mouth, our oral surgeon will be able to help you. Our office is Akron’s leading oral and dental care center; we have been providing care to the Akron community and surrounding areas more than 20 years. At our practice, our Akron oral surgeon provides a complete range of oral surgery and dental care services. Among the services that our oral surgeon provides on a regular basis are dental implants, or reconstruction or treatment of facial injuries. Our surgeon’s area of specialty includes the diagnosis, surgery, and treatment of diseases regarding the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region.

At our practice, we have a complete team of experienced dental implant dentists. Our dentist will not only focus on enhancing the look of the dental implants, but also will work to eliminate dental issues that can cause discomfort or interfere with proper functioning of the jaw and teeth. Our maxillofacial surgeons perform a wide number of surgeries to treat minor to major irregularities. At our practice, we can determine the cause of TMJ problems. TMJ can cause earaches, headaches, as well as a limited ability for the patient to open his or her mouth. The patient may also have clicking all Grading sounds in the jaw joint. When a patient has TMJ, we will first try to provide them with non-surgical treatment. If this is not the case, our surgical treatment can either be arthroscopically performed, or we can use a direct surgical approach. Our oral surgeon can also perform bone grafts so that patients are able to become excellent candidates to get dental implants. On average, a bone graft can make a person a good candidate for dental implant surgery three to six months after the bone graft is performed. For an appointment to see our Akron oral surgeon regarding your particular problem, contact us today.

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