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Cosmetic surgery in Akron

Akron Cosmetic Surgeon
Akron Cosmetic Surgeon

Our Akron cosmetic surgeon is the one to turn to when you need to replace one or more missing teeth. In addition to providing dental implants, done with the utmost of expertise, we at Akron Area Oral, Maxillofacial, & Facial Surgery Center also offer implant supported dentures, which come in extremely handy when you need to replace all of the teeth on one jaw, especially the lower one.

Why choose our Akron cosmetic surgeon for implants? The placement of the post for a dental implant is a surgical procedure, and you most certainly do not want to trust that delicate work to anyone who is not a full-time surgeon with the experience in doing implants to assure that you will get the results you want, without undue pain or complications. There are two major parts to a dental implant. The first is that surgical placement of the cylindrical titanium post that acts as a replacement for your tooth’s root. Old-fashioned dentures and bridges only addressed the surface part of the tooth, but an implant gives you a strong and natural restoration that is durable, prevents gum and bone tissue from atrophying, and retains your normal facial contours.

Over several months, your jaw bone will grow around the post put in by our Akron cosmetic surgeon and fuse with it. At that point, you have a reliable bond. If you are replacing just one tooth or more than one that are not next to each other, a tooth-colored crown is then cemented to the top of the post and that completes the implant. You are left with a new tooth that looks, feels, and even acts like a natural one. You can chew, even hard foods. You can talk and laugh, floss between the implant and your other teeth, and you won’t have any concerns.

If, however, you are replacing several consecutive teeth or all of the teeth on your jaw, several posts can be used as a base for a denture that will then be fastened to the posts, either with snaps or by screw retainment. Unlike traditional dentures, you won’t have to use any messy adhesive. Best of all, your dentures done by our Akron cosmetic surgeon won’t slide when you eat or speak. You will feel very natural when you wear them.

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