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Akron Extractions

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Oral surgeon in Akron

Akron extractions
Akron extractions

A tooth extraction is basically a last resort, but a necessary one. At Akron Area Oral, Maxillofacial & Facial Surgery, we make every attempt to save your tooth. But there are circumstances that mean the only solution is our Akron extractions. And when it is, you can rest assured that it will be done expertly and with very little or even no pain at all.

In a perfect world, you would live your whole adult life with all of your permanent teeth. And certainly, if you eat nutritiously, limit your sugar, brush twice per day, and floss before bedtime; combined with twice-yearly dental exams and teeth cleanings, you will put the odds distinctly in your favor to keep your teeth healthy in the long term. But even the most diligent person can end up needing our Akron extractions. It is not only tooth decay, but gum disease, or even the result of a fractured or otherwise injured tooth that can require tooth removal. And when that’s the case, you will first be numbed sufficiently with local anesthesia. If you are nervous and would like to be out for the procedure, our oral surgeon can also provide general anesthesia that will allow you to sleep through it. The tooth will be removed, after which you may require stitches. Don’t be alarmed if there is minimal bleeding, since that is perfectly normal. We recommend that you rinse frequently with salt in warm water afterward. Hold an ice pack on the outside of your face and if necessary, take over-the-counter pain relief medication. Confine yourself to soft foods for the first 24 hours, and avoid physical exertion.

Our Akron extractions may not be the most appealing option, but at least you can feel confident that the oral surgery will be done smoothly and with the utmost comfort for you. Call us right away when you have a toothache, an injured tooth, or any other symptoms that may indicate an urgent need for dental care.

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