Akron jaw surgery

Akron Jaw Surgery

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Oral surgeon in Akron

Jaw pain can range from mild to severe, but when you consider how much you have to use your jaws every day, for everything from speaking to eating, and even yawning. Here at Akron Area Oral, Maxillofacial & Facial Surgery Center, we are committed to optimal jaw function and comfort. That can be restored, effectively and safely, with our corrective Akron jaw surgery.

Jaw problems can arise without any warning, such as those that are the result of an accident or injury. Or they may progress gradually, beginning as a mere nuisance before becoming increasingly worrisome. But many other jaw issues date back to childhood or even birth. The symptoms that may lead you to need our Akron jaw surgery, regardless of the source of the concern, include only limited ability to open your mouth, your jaws shifting when you move them to open or close your mouth, or even from side to side. It surprises many to learn that a jaw condition can extend beyond that area. Both double vision and numbness right beneath your eyes can be indications of difficulties that have originated in your jaws. Our oral surgeon will conduct a complete examination and take x-rays to make a determination about the most appropriate method of treatment. You can be assured that if you do need our Akron jaw surgery, it is being done with the expertise and experience you can only benefit from with a specialist. We also utilize state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure the best possible results.

As is true with any form of oral surgery, there will be time needed for complete healing, but the effort involved is worth it to get the relief you need and to enjoy fully functioning jaws. Please contact our office to arrange an appointment. There is no reason to suffer with jaw pain or abnormalities when a remedy is available.

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