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Akron teeth extractions
Akron teeth extractions

If you have a painful tooth, you will want to visit our dentist at Akron Area Oral, Maxillofacial & Facial Surgery Center. At our oral surgery practice, patients are able to receive Akron teeth extractions, or other oral surgery care, from our top-notch oral surgeon, Dr. Santin.

If you have a tooth that is painful and causing discomfort, you may need to have it extracted. Generally, if a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, our oral surgeon will recommend that it is extracted. Akron teeth extractions may be recommended for one of many reasons. Sometimes a tooth is decayed to the point that it cannot be restored, even with root canal therapy. Other times a tooth may be cracked, or there is severe gum disease or infection. In all these cases tooth extraction may be the best or only way to proceed. In extreme cases, when a patient has serious gum disease, it may be required that all remaining teeth are extracted. This is usually performed at our office in one office visit. There are other times when orthodontic care necessitates the removal of one or several teeth in order to make room for other teeth to be moved into their proper positions. Wisdom teeth more often than not will develop problems which make it preferable that they are extracted. Wisdom teeth can become infected and impacted, and will threaten healthy adjacent teeth. If the area near an impacted tooth fills with fluid, a cyst can form. In order to prevent these serious oral health problems, tooth extraction is usually recommended. If your wisdom teeth are not causing you any pain or any type of problem, of course it is not necessary to have them removed. Your dentist will be able to keep an eye on your wisdom teeth through x-rays, and let you know if you should visit our oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

For an appointment to visit our dentist for Akron teeth extractions, simply contact our office today.

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